With the Right and Left Pro-Pot, Just the Corporate Middle Says NO

25 People Who Are More ‘Evolved’ Than Obama On Marijuana.

Obama’s anti-pot position is increasingly becoming an outlier, as the nation appears to be evolving on the issue of outright legalization. A poll released on Friday found that a majority of Americans support legalizing, taxing and regulating pot, while earlier surveys have suggested that even more support decriminalization and legal medical marijuana. For a comprehensive collection of people who disagree with Obama on the issue, click over to Marijuana Majority.

For a President who’s career could have ended with him being no more than a statistic in the Drug War, Obama’s unwillingness to challenge the status quo is depressing. Even more depressing, and unbelieveable, is his unwillingness to acknowledge the history of Hemp and its future potential as the renewable resource of our dreams.

With the economic potential staring us in the face, and  overwhelmingly public support, what are the politicians afraid of?

(Oh… right… the end of Oil Money flowing into their campaign coffers. Never mind!)

Dude, Where’s My Country?

By Michael Moore

Love him or hate him, Michael Moore is here to kick ass and take names. More importantly, he gives us the facts, tells us who was involved, and lets us decide for ouselves if we want to start kicking ass, or keep getting screwed.

This carefully documented book makes it abundatly clear that the current unelected administration should be removed from office and hung from the nearest power pole for treason.

If you believe that a real working Democracy depends on a well informed population, then do the country a favor and start informing yourself by reading this book.

Corporate Welfare or Public Wellness

GOP: We’ve been lying all along

I never thought I’d write these words, but here goes: Thank you, John Boehner. Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for finally admitting on national television that all the fiscal cliffs, sequestrations and budget battles you’ve created are, indeed, artificially fabricated by ideologues and self-interested politicians and not the result of some imminent crisis that’s out of our control.


So yes, we should start dealing with the long-term debt in a pragmatic and sober way, but we shouldn’t pretend it is some sort of imminent crisis worthy of draconian austerity measures.

If we could somehow do that, then there would be plenty of gradual steps that could be taken right now — steps that deal with the debt in measured ways that do the least harm to the overall economy. Those include starting to phase out the Bush tax cuts, which show no correlation with job growth and yet are the single largest driver of annual deficits; starting to reduce defense and war spending, which, job-creation-wise, is one of the least effective ways for the government to spend money; starting to move the United States toward the least costly, more efficient, and more effective single-payer healthcare system that most industrialized countries have, and that lowers overhead for employers; and starting to spend more money on social programs that fight economic inequality, with the understanding that driving down such inequality tends to boost macroeconomic growth and consequently boost public revenues (this is the Reagan-esque idea of growing one’s way out of debt).

And, of course, we could stop spending $20 Billion a year to ban the single most valuable crop known to man, and let US farmers grow the food, fiber, and fuel we need to thrive as a nation.

‘The Bible’ SPOILER ALERT: Jesus Was From The Middle East

What the History Channel Is Getting Wrong About the Bible

Not quite everything. Just geography, anthropology, archaeology, biblical studies, theology, race and ethnicity. Not all of them all of the time, but most of them, most of the time. The History Channel is engaging in a systematic whitewashing of the Bible, its characters and narratives, with a few telling exceptions. And this matters because of the way that race functions historically in the West, in the United States and in the Church and, how the construction of race in modernity is shaped by, in and, in response to the Scriptures.

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey replaced the life-giving red-brown soil of Fertile Crescent with sandy white soil which would not sustain life so they could show God creating a white man in Gods image. That man, like the bulk of the cast, is white like them, like their target audience, unlike the Afro-Asiatic Israelites.

No matter how “true” you think the Bible is, one simple fact remains: If Jesus we’re alive today he would be on a Homeland Security Watch list.

Hemp wearing Middle Eastern Socialists aren’t too popular with people who think Jesus was as white as Mitt Romney.

I’ll Take That $2 Billion In Small Bills…

Obama: U.S. Must Shift Cars And Trucks Off Oil.

“The only way to break this cycle of spiking gas prices — the only way to break that cycle for good — is to shift our cars entirely, our cars and trucks, off oil,” the president said.

 Obama cast his proposal as not only a clean energy plan, but as one meant to create opportunities for economic growth.

The money would fund research on “breakthrough” technologies such as batteries for electric cars and biofuels made from switch grass or other materials. Researchers also would look to improve use of natural gas as a fuel for cars and trucks.

Unfortunately, President Obama didn’t mention that hemp was the best “other material” available.

Please tell him to save the $2 Billion and support The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013:

Short URL: http://wh.gov/wPIw

Money Doesn’t Talk, It Swears

John Boehner Connected Super PAC Accused of Taking $2.5 Million in Illegal Donations.

Last year, Boehner invested in oil companies that would benefit from Keystone XL. He then used his position as Speaker of the House to push for passage of the pipeline. Boehner has long sold his votes to the highest corporate bidder, but violating the law by taking contributions from a federal contractor is a new low even for him. John Boehner isn’t just a poor leader. He is a quite possibly criminally corrupt leader who is abusing his power.

If only American Farmers had enough money to bribe congressmen to DO THEIR JOB and protect the American People.

Wall St. vs Main St

Fallout from ‘Untouchables’ Documentary: Another Wall Street Whistleblower Gets Reamed

This kind of information is absolutely crucial to understanding what caused the subprime crisis. There are people out there still willing to argue that the government somehow “forced the banks to lend” to unworthy applicants. In reality, it was unscrupulous companies like Countrywide that were cranking out loans en masse, knowing that these loans would be unloaded down the line, first to banks and then to sucker investors like pension funds and foreign trade unions, almost as soon as they were created.

Almost 5 years later, corrupt Wall St. Bankers continue to walk free and bribe the congressmen who should be protecting the people of Main St. America.

One man’s dream…

The Cost of Living on this planet is based on the cost of our forced dependence on petrochemical products controlled by corrupt dictatorships and protected by $1 Trillion a year of American weapons and soldiers.

Imagine if those soldiers were farmers growing the Hemp “The Trillion Dollar Crop” to supply the people of America with all the food, fiber, fuel, and oil we need to thrive, just like our forefathers did.

As the old saying goes: “One man’s dream is a multi-national petrochemical corporation’s nightmare!”

Sign our White House Hemp Petition:  http://wh.gov/wPIw

KY Hemp (small)

Hemp: The Presidential Plant

Hemp: The Detoxifying Herb That Even George Washington Grew

Hemp was, at one time, as American as apple pie. The first currency was printed on hemp paper. Hemp flour, hemp oil, hemp seeds and hemp fiber were an invaluable part of American society. The English colonists at Jamestown cultivated hemp in the 1600’s and used the fiber for rope, clothing, linen, rugs and even sails. No doubt hemp seed and oil were an integral part of the early settlement kitchen and medicine cabinet. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew hemp.

President Washington urged his fellow citizens to “Make the most of Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”
President Jefferson declared “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”

But what do they know?

Long-Distance Brain-To-Brain Communication

Rat ‘Mind Melds’ May Point Way To Long-Distance Brain-To-Brain Communication.

“Having non-human primates communicate brain-to-brain raises all sorts of ethical concerns,” said one neuroscientist, who studies how brains handle motor and sensory information, but who asked not to be named. “Reading about putting things in animals’ brains and changing what they do, people rightly get nervous,” envisioning battalions of animal soldiers – or even human soldiers – whose brains are remotely controlled by others.

This may be he only way to get our voices heard in the Halls of Congress.