GMOs vs Healthy Hemp Food

Green Festival LA: Interview with John Roulac GMO Inside

John W. Roulac is the CEO of the health food company Nutiva, and they are a great example of the future and potential of hemp foods, along with the other Organic and non-GMO foods that are becoming more and more popular everyday.

One of the great things about trying to convince people that hemp is good food, is the fact that most hemp products really do taste great. People want to eat better, so they feel better, and live longer, and they want that food to taste better while they’re doing it.

There is no question that we will see the hemp foods market grow hand-in-hand other organic and non-GMO foods. As the amount of mass-produced over-processed Food Products shrink, they will be replaced by fresh, locally grown crops. Local farmers won’t be shipping their flash frozen crops across the sea, they’ll be driving them down the road to the local market where their neighbors will buy them.

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