Autism Facts and Fiction

The Real Issue That Vaccine Truthers Like Jenny McCarthy Should Be Focusing On

A large study published this month, which relies on the data from 100 million medical records here in the U.S., found a significant association between autism and “harmful environmental factors.” University of Chicago researchers studied genital malformation in boys, a type of birth defect that’s already been linked to exposure to pesticides, and found a strong link with autism rates. A one percent increase in those defects corresponded to a 283 percent increase in autism.

The current state of the anti-vaccine debate  is a perfect example of how the corporate controlled mass media stirs up fear and paranoia while completely failing to inform the public. There is no question that autism has reached epidemic levels, but the real causes are largely absent from the public debate.

Autism is yet another cost of our dependence on expensive and toxic petrochemical products. From poisoned water and air, to bloated military budgets, we can no longer pretend that our addiction to oil is perpetuated because it’s “cheap and easy” while solar, wind, and other sources of clean energy are too expensive or untested.

Not only have cheap and clean energy sources been available for decades, they’re getting cheaper every day, and the costs of “doing nothing” and maintaining the petrochemical status quo are getting more expensive everyday.

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