Biofuels and Bio-fools

Hemp-to-Biofuels Research Gets Green Light

“Hemp is a great crop for biodiesel, and we’ve already started experimenting with [cellulosic ethanol made from hemp],” explained Ben Droz with Vote Hemp, a group trying to revitalize industrial hemp production in the U.S., at last week’s National Agriculture Day in Washington, D.C. He pointed out that hemp goes back a long ways in this country’s history, including being grown by the Founding Fathers and the founder of our modern automobile industry. “Henry Ford was actually doing research on hemp fuels and hemp biocomposites. And now today we are looking back to see if we can grow hemp once again.”

The current biofuel “debate” is another good example of what a useless mess the corporate media have become. The talking news-heads earnestly debate the efficacy and expense of biofuel, while ignoring the fact that the biggest “problem with biofuel” is that it’s almost all based on corn.

This situation is very similar to the way Diesel engines have been demonized for decades because petroleum based “Diesel Fuel” gives us the billowing black clouds of Diesel exhaust we all hate. Most people don’t know that Rudolf Diesel built his engine in 1895 to run specifically on alcohol and vegetable based biofuels, and that every Diesel engine today could be running on vegetable oil or old french fry grease.

The fact is, Diesel engines are far more efficient and last longer than gasoline based internal combustion engines, and modern Diesel engines combined with cheaper, cleaner, and easier to grow hemp based biofuels will be a major component of our sustainable future.

If Diesel-Electric hybrid systems are good enough for submarines and locomotives, they should be good enough for us to commute to work and back without using a drop of foreign oil!

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