I’ll Take That $2 Billion In Small Bills…

Obama: U.S. Must Shift Cars And Trucks Off Oil.

“The only way to break this cycle of spiking gas prices — the only way to break that cycle for good — is to shift our cars entirely, our cars and trucks, off oil,” the president said.

 Obama cast his proposal as not only a clean energy plan, but as one meant to create opportunities for economic growth.

The money would fund research on “breakthrough” technologies such as batteries for electric cars and biofuels made from switch grass or other materials. Researchers also would look to improve use of natural gas as a fuel for cars and trucks.

Unfortunately, President Obama didn’t mention that hemp was the best “other material” available.

Please tell him to save the $2 Billion and support The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013:

Short URL: http://wh.gov/wPIw

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