House of Bush, House of Saud

By Craig Unger

As the real depths and ramifications of the Bush-Saudi Co oil-dependancey begins to break through the Mass Media blackout and see the light of day. Like a house of cards beneath the dancing feet of Satan on a crystal-meth bender, the absurd fiction of “Bush as Messianc Savior” is crumbling faster than than all the kings spin meisters and propgandists can repair.

The fact is: Most of these facts have been in the public record for decades (including the Bush familie’s role in the illegal rebuilding of the Nazi military before WWII and their remarkable similar rolecreating the latest boogy man Saddam Hussein.

(Some of you may be asking ‘what ever happened to Bin Laden’. . . you people will be quietly escorted to the door and never seen again.)

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