President Obama’s Statement on the Shutdown

President Obama’s Statement

Every American needs to watch President Obama’s statement on the government shutdown. Whatever you think politically, I hope we can all take a deep breath and look where we are today, then ask yourself one question: Am I making the world a better place?

Ask your friends and family what kind of world you want to live in for the rest of your lives, and work with them to create that world.

Our lives and fate are not in the hands of corrupt politicians and their faceless billionaire puppet masters.

The future is OURS TO MAKE. Will yours be based on ignorance, hatred, and fear? Or will you work with the rest of us to make a better world filled empathy, understanding, and respect for all the other people who are just trying to get by?

The future is in YOUR hands. So get off your ass, and tell your friends and family to help you do something about it:

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