The House GOP’s Little Rule Change That Guaranteed A Shutdown

Late on the night of Sept. 30, with the federal government just hours away from shutting down, House Republicans quietly made a small change to the House rules that blocked a potential avenue for ending the shutdown.

It went largely unnoticed at the time. But with the shutdown more than a week old and House Democrats searching for any legislative wiggle room to end it, the move looms large in retrospect in the minds of the minority party.

“What people don’t know is that they rigged the rules of the House to keep the government shut down,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), ranking member of the House Budget Committee, told TPM in an interview. “This is a blatant effort to make sure that the Senate bill did not come up for a vote.”

It’s time to stop the absurd charade that President Obama is responsible for the shutdown of our government.

This is nothing less than a well planned hijacking of our democracy by the same billionaire-funded right-wing extremists who gave us the John Birch society, and can’t admit they lost the civil war. They fought against civil rights, and women’s rights, and social security, and medicare, and food stamps, and continue to gnash their teeth in fear as the rest of the world leaves their ignorance and hatred in the rearview mirror of history.

Corporate pawns on the right  and the left subvert our “Guv’ment of The People” because it’s the only thing that can stop their corporate masters from abusing us for fun and profit. They tell us “Big Government” is bad, but Big Banks are good then do everything in their power to hurt the American people and turn our government it into a festering pile of waste, fraud, and corporate abuse to prove how bad it is.

Nobody claims the Federal Government can solve all our problems, but while Democrats and Republicans have different spending priorities, the vast majority of us can all agree on the simple fact that the one thing our country DOES NOT NEED right now is the Federal government making things far worse by jabbing a knife in the backs of the people of this country and raising our cost of living more than it already is.

As the old saying goes: “You don’t have to help me, just stop trying to fuck me.”

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