Support Our Troops…

Million Vet March Organizers Condemn Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party.

Tea partiers are proud of themselves for taking an event about veterans and turning it into another platform to showcase their hatred of this president, but they should be ashamed of themselves. The people who turned the march into an anti-Obama rally shamed and humiliated our veterans. Every vet knows that it doesn’t matter what political party a president is from, they are still the Commander in Chief. The organizers of this event may or may not be conservatives, but it is clear that they didn’t want the tea party mob, or Palin and Cruz’s grandstanding at their event.

How to properly “Support Our Troops”:

1)   DO NOT send them into wars based on lies, to protect the interests of the Multinational Banks and Corporations that are robbing their families back home.

2)   DO NOT cut the health care benefits and support network of those soldiers and their families while cutting the taxes of those same Multinational Banks and Corporations.

3)   DO NOT hurt the families and friends of our troops by shutting down their government because you don’t want “poor moochers to have the freedom of better, cheaper health care, and a lower cost of living” (which is what the soldiers thought they were fighting for in the first place.

4)  DO NOT wrap yourself in the flag they fought for while lighting a fire under the American people and trying to burn down the government that protects us from the those Multinational Banks and Corporations.

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