Use War Money to Take Care of Veterans

Vermont’s Senator Sanders Is Right: Use War Money to Take Care of Veterans

The National Journal notes that 18 military and veterans organizations have backed Sanders’ proposal, and Sanders said he believes it will soon have the support of every major veterans organization in the country.

Economists Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes have long argued that we fundamentally undercount the cost of war if we exclude the cost of caring for veterans afterwards. The future cost of caring for veterans is a fundamental cost of war, and honest budgeting would include it in accounting for war cost.

In addition to providing direct benefit to veterans, Sanders’ proposal, if enacted, would help right a fundamental and dangerous wrong: pretending that caring for veterans is not a cost of war. You can urge Congress and the president to support Senator Sanders’ proposal here.

Veterans are the only cost of war that matters, and I think the trillion dollar a year military budget can afford 3 billion a year for the veterans who fought for that military.

Sign the petition and tell the Dept. of Defense to support our troops instead of simply dumping them back onto the streets of America and leaving them at the mercy of corrupt penny pinching politicians who would rather protect corporate welfare then the men and women who protect us.

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