Propaganda for Peace

Hemp for Victory (Big) and Hemp for Victory (Small)
By the U.S. Department of Agriculture (1942)
Here's the film our Federal Government made, and now says doesn't exist. If you think Hemp as a natural resource is a Hippie pipe dream, try not to blow your mind on the truth.

Mad As Hell! (mp3)
By Howard Beale, Rage Against the Machine, and Zed B. Starkovich.

I think Rage Against the Machine and the makers of the movie 'Network' will echo the sentiment of this little ditty: It's time to stop the madness and stand up for our rights!

And the Mad As Hell video:

Henry Ford's Hemp Car

"Grown from the soil" the Hemp based bio-plastic car was 10 times more impact resistant than steel, and ran on hemp methanol fuel.


The Meaning of Life!
By M. Python

Here it is, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything!

Conspiracy Theory Rock
By Robert Smigel
Shown once on SNL, then banned forever, this little cartoon sums up the state of today's Mass Media.

Kanye West on George W. Bush
Kanye West goes "off script" and speaks the nasty truth about the priorities of George W. Bush.

FOX News Gets Real
Even the FOX News channel is telling the dirty truth about the Bush administrations incompatent response to Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Sluggo (2004)
This PSA shows George Bush's claims on "Good Morning America" that he didn't think "anyone anticipated the breach of the levees," are an absolute farce. Even Mr. Bill knew more than our "War President" and his Corporate Conservative "Advisors" about the security of our nation.

Crack The CIA
This short documentary called is short and to the point: There is absolutely NO QUESTION that the CIA was in involved in selling weapons to terrorist in South America, and Crack to children in South Los Angeles. If you have 10 minutes of your life to spare and a single curious bone in your body, you should watch this film online.