Ending World Hunger

Hemp seeds are the most nutritious food known to man. One handful of hemp seeds a day is all an adult needs to survive and thrive.

For thousands of years hemp seeds have been a primary food source for people all over the world. Before it was banned in 1937, hemp seeds saved both China and Australia from famine during food shortages.

Politicians speak grandly about ending world hunger and teaching the people of the world to take care of themselves, but it is the politically driven War on Drugs that has taken the food from their mouths in the first place. The starving people of the world don't need IMF loans with political strings attached to end starvation and malnutrition in the Third World, they just need to be allowed to grow their own food and fuel.

Hemp Foods & Oils Primer
by ManitobaHarvest.com

Hemp Seed Nutrition
by ManitobaHarvest.com

Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp Foods
From: Boulder Hemp Company Inc.
Question 1: What is Hemp?

IMF and World Bank told to stop peddling Discredited Policies
By Charlotte Denny and Larry Elliott - 6/19/02
More than 100 million people in the world's poorest countries will be dragged below the basic subsistence level of a dollar a day by 2015 as they become ensnared in globalization's poverty trap, the UN warned yesterday.

Overpopulation: The Big Lie

We have been told since birth that this planet cannot feed all of us, so some people have to die. We've been told that since somebody is going to die it's better them than us, so we better shut up and trust our leaders to do what's in our best interests. Unfortunately, its all a lie. The only limit on the growth of our civilization is our dependence on a limited supply of expensive and toxic petrochemicals.