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Day of Deceit:
The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor

By Robert B. Stinnet

Robert Stinnet's Day of Deceit is a fascinating and timely book that should hold a high place in the library of anybody interested in the truth behind American history.

Through more than 10 years of research on declassified files surrounding the Pearl Harbor Attack, Stinnet shows without question that FDR and his top advisors not only knew about the Japanese "sneak" attack, but in fact, caused it to happen in order to push the American people into the war.

Far from being the traditional "conspiracy nut" our mass media loves to deride and sweep under the rug, Stinnet firmly believes that allowing the "surprise attack" was necessary to force the "isolationist" people of America into the war against Fascism.

Some people may explain away the lies by saying that the 50 year cover-up of the truth by our government was also necessary to protect our National Security from the communist menace during the Cold War.

Today it is likely that self proclaimed patriots will want to continue the lies in order to protect the security of our nation from "internal dissent."

Where do the lies to protect our freedom end? In more lies and death.

The truth will only be told when we force our politicians to tell the truth.

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