The Search for Justice

by Zed B. Starkovich

From our first moments of shock at the images and events of September 11th, the people of America have wanted justice. Since that desperate attack on our freedom, we have cried for the capture of those mass murderers so we can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that our children and loved ones are once again safe.

After our initial reactions of shock, and the political declarations of our War on Terrorism, we must begin to ask how we can truly end terrorism throughout the world. What are we actually going to do about it? How are we going to make the world a safe place for our friends and family?

While there may be questions about the rhetoric and reality of president Bush’s endgame in his “War on Terrorism,” we can all agree on one thing: Every scrape of evidence collected on Osama Bin Laden and his Terrorist network must be shown to the world in order to expose him as the psychotic murderer that he is.

Once the terrorists behind these attacks are found, we have to expose the people who trained them and supported them. We have to show the world who gave them their money and who profited from their murderous actions. Who are their business partners? Who sold them their weapons? Which bankers profited from their secret bank accounts? Who buys their opium? Who keeps the Taliban and other fascist regimes in power? How have they gotten away with murder all over the planet?

Knowledge is strength. The truth is our only weapon against fear and ignorance. By following the trail of Bin Laden’s financial backers, we can expose the roots of their worldwide terrorist network, and stop them from ever promoting terrorism again.

Osama Bin Laden is not a superhuman, criminal-mastermind, and it is a deadly mistake to feed his power by cowering in the corner and pretending that he is an “evil genius” on the verge of world domination. Hitler himself was no more than a well-funded madman who protected the profits of his military-industrial backers, and could have easily been stopped in his tracks if the world had known the truth about his supporters and their motives.

Bin Laden is exactly the same: A psychopath with a Swiss bank account and lots of friends in the oil and weapons industries.

We can only destroy his power by exposing the bloody network of corruption and lies that created him. We have to show his supporters that he is a well-financed mercenary, not a divinely inspired prophet. If we show the people of Islam that their self-proclaimed savior is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing, his power will crumble, and the oppressed citizens of the Middle East will welcome freedom and the truth with open arms.

We have to expose the network of financial and military support that enables these fanatical psychopaths to kill innocent children throughout the world without a second thought. The only way to stop terrorists from killing people is to expose their worldwide network of secret financial support that gives them their weapons. If we follow the money, and show the world how this happened, we can expose and eliminate the warmongers who profit from terrorism and punish them in a UN backed War Crimes Tribunal.

Our judicial system exists to root out the malicious people and governments who conspire against the innocent citizens of the world. Its purpose is to expose and protect us from the evil forces that perpetually attack our liberty and freedom. Only by revealing the methods and motives behind the actions of these murderers can we can protect ourselves from future attacks.

Killing Bin Laden without exposing the truth to his ignorant followers would only make him a martyr and create a whole new generation of fundamentalist psychopaths. Only by uncovering the root causes of terrorism throughout the world can we protect our children from it in the future.

We have to rise above the chaos and confusion of the moment and do what is right. We must do what is best or the people of the world by exposing the true roots of Middle East Terrorism: American Oil companies created the fascist regimes of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Bin Laden’s Taliban to protect their control of oil in the Middle East.

This is a war for greed, not God. A war for Oil, not Allah.

The innocent citizens of the world are once again caught in the crossfire of an unnecessary war to protect corporate profits with the blood of our children. Our politicians are paid by those same corporations to lie to us and use our tax money to perpetuate our dependence on their expensive and toxic petrochemical products. That is a far cry from the “Democracy based on Truth and Justice and a well informed electorate” that our politicians have sworn to protect.

The only way to end this manufactured Holy War is by exposing it for what it is: Another war for the control of raw materials. The foundation of all war is fear and ignorance. Once the people of the world see the truth we can begin cutting the roots of war and building a better future.

We can only build a better future by teaching our children the truth about the past.